Exciting news - WE HAVE REBRANDED!

The brand formerly known as Creatures of XIX is reborn as… CXIX!

A year in the making, this rebrand represents not just a new name for us but a whole new era. With a fresh logo and website, we have updated our iconic imagery with a vision for the future of fashion for movement artists and more.


Originally established in 2015 as a pole wear brand our first few years focused largely on product development and cementing our signature style. Our muses were our ‘Creatures’ and we made ourselves known within the pole world with our innovative Gecko Grip, ISIS sets and XX tees. 

We have evolved into a brand for movement artists around the globe and with this rebrand we are marking 2022 as the year we solidify our unique identity in the fashion world.


pronounced c-x-i-x


Harriet Wolf, our founder, was only 19 years old when she designed our innovative Gecko Grip leggings as a cutting-edge solution for pole dancers struggling with the cold English climate. The XIX (19 in roman numerals) was a commemoration of this.

Ever since then we have grown and evolved and the C (100 in roman numerals) charts our rise from screenprinting a few t-shirts a week to a multinational brand shipping to over 60 countries, with a team of 10 and an ever-expanding customer base.

The roman numeral C stands for 100 because we are are taking it to the next level!

As we level up we will always stay true to, and proud of, our roots as a pole apparel brand. The XIX continues to pay homage to where we come from, representing both the infamous strength pole move – the Iron X – and the nipple pasties that adorn the stages in the clubs, celebrating the strength and sexiness that pole as a community has brought to our customers.


Come BTS with us to see the rebrand process and content shoot: CXIX

Watch the video Below

An Interview with Gin for Breakfast

Our New Logo

A lot of thought went into a new logo that would reflect who we are as a brand. We have worked together with Lina from Gin for Breakfast, who has visualised our identity in the new logo we created together. We have interviewed Lina to share some insights into the process.

What does the process look like usually for developing a logo, and was it business as usual working with the CXIX rebrand?

No business as usual with the team of CXIX! When working with clients we usually have quite a specific workflow and approach internally when it comes to branding or brand development. We give a lot of guidance throughout the creative process, come up with solutions, and shine a light on things that a brand might’ve not discovered themselves in terms of their USP. Working with such a switched on team, knowing their brand inside out the process was much more of a collaborative and amazing process to experience. 

What did you find interesting about this project? 

Probably CXIX as a brand itself to be honest. To see a brand communicating exactly who they are, what they stand and being recognized for. We love witnessing bold brands acknowledging the importance of a tribe and community, and authenticity all the way. Even better was contributing creatively to the new journey ahead. We love making great brands even greater. 

What challenges did you face?

Rebranding/redeveloping a logo of an existing brand is already a challenge in itself. It does take consideration how to approach and execute this, mostly because the aim is to retain the same recognition and trust that the old logo/branding possessed. That being said, every brand is so individual and unique, so it’s always crucial to really focus on the who, what, and why without drifting off path. So really the challenge was to create a logo that represents the core values of CXIX whilst slightly shifting the message across a much more diversified market.

What was the brief for the rebrand?

CXIXs roots began creating polewear for pole dance hobbyists. Today CXIX is a cherished and recognized brand in the market and has established loyal customers, and exposure. 

With the expansion of product ranges then brought a very organic change in the audience and, therefore market. So basically the brief was to have the new logo align with todays brand position, message, and mission in a sophisticated way. 

Do you feel like you and the team achieved what you set out to do?

Absolutely! We are all super proud of the result and both teams are super stoked about what’s ahead. We can’t wait for the launch and will be super exciting for everybody who was part of the project! 



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