The Creation of GECKO GRIP

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The story of Gecko Grip™ tells the tale of two girls with the balls... no - ovaries, to build the Creatures brand in a community they love - The Pole Community. In the time that Gecko Grip™ has been developed, (I) Harriet and Melissa have left comfortable corporate jobs and taken a walk on the wild side, investing everything into apparel we believe in - striving to be creative and a little bit different. In this time we may have gone slightly mad, 7 days a week of working morning and night has resulted in silly voices, saying things in unison and regular outbursts of mad laughter. It’s been a ride, meeting some truly inspiring and generous individuals, and we’re only just beginning.

In 2012, Harriet, 19 years old, wanted to create a pair of Pole Dance Leggings that gripped to the Pole. The three main attributes these leggings had to be:

1) Breathability - so sweat is not retained in the clothing during the work out.

2) Flexibility - four way stretch in order to fit like other leading technical sports fabrics, allowing for a full range of movement.

3) Grip - Enough grip to stay put on the pole, but not so much that would hinder movement or compromise fluidity.


2013-2014 Saw disappointment after disappointment. Being let down by various small manufacturers, hitting dead ends, and and creating prototypes that just didn’t grip enough.

It became clear, that current fabrics on the market were simply not up to scratch for the level of grip required, they lost their ‘tackiness’ after just a few uses or after machine washing.

We began researching new technologies, a different approach was needed…

Our focus changed to the creation of a brand new, purpose designed fabric.


In November 2015 Melissa and Harriet hooked up - business style! At first we acted as a distributor of famous Russian dancer Eva Bembo’s clothing range, all the money we made was used to develop more prototypes.


January 2016 a prototype landed, it felt really good. Testing began at two pole studios’ in Perth Australia, and it gripped. A good hour of pole dancing later, including flying around in a no hands Cross Ankle release with a huge smile on her face, Harriet sent the videos to Melissa, and the real excitement (and thorough testing) began!

gecko grip leggings pole dance yoga xix

A happy dance may have (read definitely) commenced, and a very small and not at all embarrassing amount of girly squealing.

The leggings were put through their paces, hours of wear, countless washes, drying in the sun and on radiators, and still retaining their breathability, flexibility and most importantly... 

They. Still. Gripped.

We named the Fabric itself ‘Gecko XIX®’, and the leggings ‘Gecko Grip™ Leggings’. The choice of Gecko was a clear one, inspired by how Geckos Grip so well, yet can release that grip and move around fluidly. The tag line was obvious… #BreatheFlexGrip

A beautiful surprise, was seeing how much Gecko Grip™ glistens! Run, Dance, Surf - move in any way you can, and when the Gecko XIX® fabric catches the light it creates a beautiful glittering effect.

We also spent a lot of time time on the design lines. As two women with very different frames and shapes, we bring together two perspectives creating a beautifully constructed pair of leggings to flatter every woman. The sophisticated design lines on the leggings are characterised by a double whale-tail to accentuate, round and lift bottoms big and small. The waistband is thick preventing cutting or digging into the skin and flattering the stomach comfortably.

After 6 months of testing, and design edits, we had our final samples. A college kid bunked off school to film the launch video. Harriet and Coco (Reigning Miss Pole Dance NSW) danced about in the trees, and the super talented videographer captured Gecko Grip™ in action; you can see our video here.

We launched September 2016 and sold out in two weeks! Feedback was overwhelmingly positive (you can read them here!). But, here’s the thing, as a new product they are complex and time consuming to create, and so quantities have been limited. Harriet moved from Sydney to Newcastle (UK), a more affordable option and to be with Melissa. We restocked in January, and sold out in 24 hours. In this day, we closed down the website, giving the password only to those in our mailing list to give mailing list Creatures first dibs!

So, to get your Gecko Grip™, sign up to our mailing list (‘sign up’ link at the bottom) and keep an eye on your email! Also, don’t forget to follow us on social media channels Instagram, Facebook and add yourself to our online chat group The Den.

We are proud to say Gecko XIX® is the only fabric on the market that has been specifically designed for Pole Dance, from concept to creation. We hope you love it like we do.


The Future? Our mission is to stay innovative, the best on the market. We have spent hours reading, researching, and testing in the lab and will constantly strive to improve. We have launched bodysuits and will be offering a variety of performance wear in 2017. We pride ourselves in exceptional customer service, if we aren't in the lab or shipping products we are working hard on our laptops, stealing whatever free wifi we can, to bring more unexpected and exciting things. 

As seen on professionals including: 

  • Felix Cane: 2X World Champion
  • Miss Filly: Reigning Miss Pole Dance Australia
  • Beth Finlay: Australia Pole Champion ’16
  • Coco: Miss Pole Dance NSW ’16, ’17
  • Lucy Cropper: Miss Pole Dance UK Finalist ‘15, P2P Pro Heat Winner ‘15
  • Lauren Elise: Dance Filthy UK Pro ‘16, LucyPole Cup, Professional & Classique Winner
  • Harriet Wolf: Dance Filthy UK Pro ’17

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