The design inspiration for the new SWD collection came from the statement wide waistband, and the collection should be incorporated around this - although adding to the She Who Dares Collection, we nicknamed it snatched for obvious reasons!




Firstly, we wanted the main material to be shiny leather/PVC looking fabric for that fierce catwoman look.

When hunting for the perfect fabrics, we hit the jackpot and found the perfect one very quickly - this usually this takes much longer. We went through a few different kinds of materials for the thick waistband, and this was the hardest most time-consuming part! Some of them were too tight, too thick, not supportive enough, or the finish not working well with the glossy logo, etc. By this time we were already a few months into the process. We wanted a silky glossy chic finish, not matte.




In the end (after reaching so many dead ends), we decided to custom make our own, getting the silky finish with the right thickness and support - we just had to make this work! After more samples than we can count, we were finally happy with the result of the fabrics.




Just when you think it’s go time, we needed to go back to the beginning and fix the fit of each of the pieces, as the different elastic made such a difference to fit. We wanted everybody, every curve and size to be able to feel the magic this collection brings!

After back and forth with fittings, feedback and adjustments, we finally received the final collection... ready for the world! Question is, are you ready? Of course you are!

The whole collection is mix and match so you can find your perfect pieces, to make the look yours.


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