FoxBox Update

FoxBox Update


Hi Foxys!

We have been thinking long and hard about the Foxbox 🦊 - our premium quarterly pole dancers subscription box that began way back in 2017.

Although stressful at times with delays, it has all been made worth it hearing your stories of loving pieces you would never usually try, finding new confidence and indulging in trying something new. Not only has it spiced things up and allowed you to step out of your comfort zone at times, It has also been so fantastic to know that The FoxBox has been that treat to yourself, something to look forward to every 3 months!

The bad news is, the last FoxBox (as we know it) will be the September box. The good news is, we are doing a different sort of FoxBox, so we will not be ending it for good!

So, what will the new FoxBox be like 😍!?

The new lower price point will be £49.99! It will be letterbox sized (UK standard) so you won't need to be home to receive it! 

Here's what will be in it:

  • A Top & Bottoms Set OR a Bodysuit
  • A card with links to the following which will be available for the 3 months.
    • A pole choreography
    • A base work / floor work trick
    • A beginner, intermediate and advanced pole trick

It will still be quarterly, the first new style of box being the December box (after the last Foxbox as we know it being the September box). 

The subscription will continue for current subscribers at the new price so no need to do anything on your side. You can still cancel, or skip the box whenever :)

If you aren't subscribed, you can sign up here (and do this by 20th July to get your hands on the last box as we know it, goodies accessories and all!). 

And lastly, thanks to every subscriber over the years. 

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