Behind The Seams: ISIS Top & High Waisted Goddess Bottoms

Between The Seams Blog Episodes will tell you the ins and outs of specific pieces from our Collections!

We begin with our iconic Isis Top, and High Waisted Goddess Bottoms.

The Inspiration Bold Femininity 

The Definition of a Goddess is 'a female deity, a woman who is greatly admired'. Our brand is for the divine women, the empowered and brave. Especially for the creation of Polewear, flying through the air itself makes you feel powerful and learning about different Goddesses is often inspiration for us at Creatures of XIX. You may have noticed we name quite a few of our pieces after Goddesses from across the globe. And did you know 'Nike' is the Greek Goddess of Victory, and 'Hermes' Is the Messenger God! The first items from the collection were Selene and Aphrodite, and ISIS took this inspiration to the next level with a motif designed by Melissa Leo strategically placed on the front mesh panel.

The Isis Top

Looking for something fierce but still playful? This set is just for you. Constructed with both Four Way Stretch Fabric and Soft Mesh this piece is majority mesh and we wouldn't have it any other way. The way the ISIS Motif has been placed covers everything you need to feel comfortable and secure, yet still shows off some skin for that sexy, primal feel. Now all body sizes are different, and for some, vigorous exercise may mean you need to tuck the bust back behind the covered safety of the motif, however many find they can pole and exercise, including upside down, for a few hours with no need to readjust. I (The Octopus of XIX, Jennifer Betts) went from an A Cup to a FF recently, and ALL of my sets fit amazingly still. As for support, we're not talking hardcore industrial sports bra, but it sucks you in enough to know that you’re not going anywhere. You can do all of your tricks with the knowledge that your privates are well, private. And for the few who have found the occasional nip slip - it's just a nipple, and if you really mind, wear this top for the less jumpy studio session!

These sets also make amazing pool-side attire, you'll get all the right kind of looks and the wrong kind of tan ;) The white is double lined so it will not become see-through on the beach or by the pool!

isis polewear swimwear top wing mesh bikiniisis polewear swimwear top wing mesh bikiniisis polewear swimwear top wing mesh bikini

The Goddess High Waisted Bottoms

The high waisted bottoms aim to flatter any body shape, with the thick waistband pulling you in and the fabric itself making your legs look super elongated. You couldn’t ask for more from a high waisted bottom. The Fabric V shape at front and back accentuate natural curves and look amazing on skinny and thick girls alike! Bottoms are lined, no uncomfortable crotch seam for you! 

isis polewear swimwear top wing mesh bikini

Now, the top comes in at £45 and the bottoms are £36. But you are paying for the quality. This set is sexy yet supportive and makes you feel like the goddess you are. 

isis polewear swimwear top wing mesh bikini

It was to designed to bring out the goddess inside of you and it does exactly that. Ask anyone with a set, or check out our reviews here.

isis polewear swimwear top wing mesh bikini
Colorways Available

Black with Sand Mesh

Red with Sand Mesh

White with Sand Mesh

Black with White mesh

White with Black Mesh


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