Have you creatures ever wondered what it’s like behind the scenes of one of our XIX shoots?

I definitely did! My name is Jess, I'm 19 based in Sydney and I have been working for Creatures of XIX as Marketing and Ops Assistant for 6 months now. I get the opportunity to bring you behind the scenes of the photoshoot for the Baddies Collection. 

The day started really really early. Perpetually busy co-founders Harriet (Designer and Marketing) and Melissa (Operations) began by tidying the office, which btw was where we did the shoot. Just the other day the space I’m writing this in was a whole glamorous set. 

Floors were swept, tables moved and the space cleared ready for the photographer set up. The day before we laid out all the sets and pieces we needed to shoot, ready to find the best fit for our model and start shooting. 


Speaking of photographer, the legendary Elyse Potter (@elyse_potter_photography) shot this collection. Elyse also shot the  Safari collection which was located in the garden of the home office HQ 🙌🏼 


Harriet laid out all possible styling options from shoes to masks! 

We also brought one of the spectacular office mirrors outside so that we could get a bit creative if the e-com shoot finished with enough time (here's Melissa doing a test shot)!

Elyse arrived at 10:30 and set up the backdrop, lights, and camera.

The set up required a role out white backdrop that took up the floor as well to get an all over white frame.

The lights were set up with what Harriet calls Mary Poppins umbrellas, so that the flash can work its magic without directly effecting the camera. They reflect the light to get that perfect studio lighting.


Of course the next important step was to order breakfast - Shoot days = Uber Eats!

The perfect playlist was picked (Fishers BBC mix if anyone wants to listen to it) and the model Yagan arrived at 11am (@yaganmoore), we tried on a couple of items to choose the right fit, and the shoot was ready to begin about 11.15!

It was very interesting to watch the model, Elyse and Harriet all work together to get the perfect shots. 

Elyse would be moving around, up down left and right, ready to get the perfect angle and shot, while the model did her thing.

Harriet directed the shoot, with the different poses to try, changing up the accessories and examining the photos, making in the moment decisions. Elyse had it set up so the photos she took would be sent directly to the computer - and Harriet could check them realtime and make calls on how the photos were turning out.

When we got to Loungewear, we needed to steam them, so they were as photo ready as the model. 

We did face a small issue when the water from the steam dripped onto the items and we needed to rush a hairdryer out to dry the small wet spots.

Check out our makeshift steaming station. Even the most glamorous shoots have a little nitty gritty behind them. 

The models fave outfit was the fawn jogger and jumper set and I can not blame her, they are so comfortable and that colour 😍

After the last outfit was shot inside, we could finish the e-com section of the shoot and we took it outdoors to get creative with the mirror, and then Harriet noticed the linear shadow pattern casted by the front rails so we tried to get some pics in the shadows with that gorgeous low lying afternoon glow-y light. See below for some of the final shots!


So, overall successful shoot! Yagan left after many hours of hard work and we proceeded to go through the 2000+ pics to choose the top ones for editing. 


We hope you love our baddies collection as much as we do!

If you are interested in anymore behind the scenes of Creatures of XIX stuff let us know what you want to know in the comments! 

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