What Was In FoxBox 4?!

What is the FoxBox?

Creatures of XIX brings to you the Premium Pole Dance Subscription Box that you'll love. Delivered to Your Door Four Times a Year, FoxBox comes bursting with Apparel & Accessories / Goodies / Samples to elevate your pole training to the next level and bring you that new polewear feeling!

Items are made to order, and this means great value for you! The cost of the Box is £75, and the overall value exceeded £100!

What was in FoxBox 4?

✖️Indigo Leggings
✖️Laced up Top
✖️Scrunch Butt Booty Shorts
✖️Exotic Socks
✖️Two Eco Glitters
✖️Sweaty Hands Anti-Perspirant Sample

Creatures of XIX Pole Dance Subscription Box


Sign Ups open for a limited time for Box 5...⏰

Goodie 1: Wildfire Lace Up Top in Classic Black

The WildFire top is teaser of our upcoming SPIRIT collection! Its a flirty lace up the front design, with multiple ways to tie. Look out for our Spirit Collection launching next year!

Creatures of XIX Black Lace UP Top 

Goodie 2: Classic Black Scrunch Bum Booty Bottoms

We teamed the Wildfire Top with Classic Black Scrunch Bum Bottoms, also featuring a tapered V at the front to accentuate your waist! A wardrobe staple and super versatile, you can team these with any other top you have. 

Creatures of XIX Black Booty Bottom Pole Short

Goodie 3: Indigo Capri Leggings

Long have we been super fans of our Capri Leggings - we live in ours! They cross at the front and taper to a V to give you bigger hips and a smaller waist, they have a whale-tail and scrunch bum to accentuate your bum, plus the legs are tapered to elongate your legs!

We love wearing ours to Flex Classes, Choreo Classes and while dying after on the couch. Missed them? Or love them so much you want them in every colour? Grab yours here.

Creatures of XIX Indigo Capri Leggings

Goodie 4: Xotic Sox

We all know the pain of losing your favourite pair of shoes to floorwork, so we teamed up with Xotic Sox to bring you an exclusive colour - Desert Cobra! Slip these over your platforms to protect them! Missed out? You can still get them here.

Creatures of XIX Exotic Sox


Goodie 6: Shliokica Eco Glitter

Shliokica Eco Glitter, by Hydro Attack, is a Guilt Free Glitter! It is biodegradable, (safe for marine and wildlife) with an Aloe Vera gel base with no perfumes, parabens or any other toxic substances that might irritate the skin; plus the gel base in non-greasy making it perfect for pole dance!

In our box you got a pot of Unicorn Spit (a pink glitter mix with Gold and Silver) and a pot of Gold.

Glitter Pots

Goodie 7: No Sweat Powder

Our final sample also came from Hydro Attack, No Sweat Power, pole grip! Another amazing product, this is a mineral antiperspirant which has a very fine velvet-like texture, it is odourless and non-staining; plus, there is also a hint of bio-degradable glitter in it just for your enjoyment! Love it? Get your hands on some more here.

FoxBox Pole Dance Subscription Box

Subscriptions are open now for a Limited Time! Don't get FOMO, sign up to treat yourself quarterly ;)

Still got questions on FoxBox? Check out our FAQ here

Creatures of XIX Pole Dance Subscription Box


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