The New Instagram Algorithm... and SHADOWBANNING!

Instagram is our FAVOURITE social channel, because it's just full of visual inspo for pole dancers! Saving the new trick to break down later, re-watching the most amazing 30 seconds of choreography, and stalking your idols is all to familiar for you then this post if for you!

To make sure you see all the floorwork inspo you desire in your feed, as well as helping people who'd enjoy your content to actually see it, read our low-down on the new instagram algorithm. 

The dreaded ShadowBan...Is it a MYTH!?

But first let's talk briefly about the dreaded SHADOWBAN. Instagram have spoken about the alleged shadowban and stated "it is not a real thing", rather a mysterious bug that was shadowbanning posts if the same hashtags were used over and over - indicating this was spammy behaviour. Hmmm - a bug that gets rid of spam accounts? Perhaps part of their programming to reduce spam accounts gone wrong? Believe what you will, we aren't convinced, but this is the recent statement from instagram. Instagram also states it doesn't hide people's content for posting too many hashtags. There doesn't seem to be any statement regarding particular hashtags in categories such as sex work or even just a sexy post.  

The top factors for the brand spanking new instagram algorithm:

1) Interest:

Put simply - the more insta thinks you'll like a post, the more highly that post will appear on that feed. For example, if you like more pictures of cats or posts with hashtag cat, you may be more likely to see a post from DirdyBirdycatpack - pictures of Dirdy Birdys fur monsters, over a post of Dirdy Birdy dancing on a pole.

2) Timeliness:

Though the feed is not returning to be completely chronological, we will be seeing less old posts and more of the new - wahooo!

3) Relationship:

Profiles that you comment on and like a lot will signal to insta that this person is likely a friend or family member, as well as with profiles that you are tagged in. This is big for our business instagram as we caption people in the comments but rarely tag people or encourage tagging!

So - if you want to see more of someones content, like and comment on their posts more!

4) Frequency:

Instagram will be trying to show you the bests posts since your last visit, so your timeline will differ depending on how often you go on. For instgram addicts like us this is good as means we won't keep seeing the same thing we already liked and watched a gazzilion times!

5) Following:

This is nothing new, but still is an important part of what you see in your feed, and if you only follow fresh accounts with content you love your feed is likely to be better for you. Also, a little birdy told us we can mute insta accounts too, for those you may need a little break from. 

6) Use:

Only use instagram a little bit? You'll just see the highlights. Use it heaps? You'll get further into the posts that may be suitable for you. Types of content used is now irrelevent - video did have a heavier weight of importance attributed to it according to Tech Crunch, but not anymore. Neither do your use of Stories and Lives. 

Hopefully this helps you achieve your beautiful instagram goals, pole dancing creatures!

And - well - can you really blame us if we plug our own instagram here? Look how pretty it looks!!! Click here give us a follow!

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